Mesh panels and posts

X-Guard is a unique machinery protection system constructed from mesh safety panels and posts. It is flexible and simple to install, alter and add to. The safety distance is just 200 mm. This means that the mesh safety panels can be installed very close to moving parts, e.g. a welding robot.

Add suitable doors, locks and accessories for flexible and functional machinery protection.


  • X-Guard is simple to install
  • Mesh section with opening for conveyor belt
  • X-Guard gives the operator full visibility
  • X-Guard prevents access to hazardous areas

Technical information

The mesh panels have a mesh size of C-C 51×31 mm. Available in sizes as shown in the table below.

Mesh safety panels W = 250 mm
W= 400 mm
W= 500 mm
W = 600 mm
W= 700 mm
W= 800 mm
W= 900 mm
W= 1000 mm
W= 1100 mm
W= 1200 mm
W= 1300 mm
W= 1400 mm
W= 1500 mm
H = 750 mm
H = 1300 mm
H = 1900 mm
H = 2200 mm
Posts H = 1400 mm
H = 2000 mm
H = 2300 mm




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