Locks and accessories

X-Guard is available with a variety of locking options, all with a focus on human safety. The lock package is supplied together with door and mesh panel sections. As an extra safety feature, there is also a safety switch that turns off the machine inside the mesh protection before the operator comes into contact with it.


Select the correct accessories to get the most and the best from your machinery protection system. More information about lock options and accessories can be found below.


  • X-lock
  • Cylinder lock
  • Snap lock
  • Hitch lock
  • Top plug
  • Frame tube
  • Upper fastener
  • Lower fastener
  • 0-180° fitting
  • Hinge
  • X-key

Technical information

X-lock: Safety lock that will not close from inside.

Cylinder lock: Burglar-proof lock system with easy-grip handle.

Snap lock: The door closes with a single press and is kept closed by the snap function in the lock.

Hitch lock: This lock supplements our X-lock and includes an integrated attachment for contactless switches. The lock has an adjustable catch to eliminate any play. The handle is return sprung to ensure that the door cannot be slammed shut and to ensure that it will automatically shut without requiring a hand movement. Cylinder locks are available as an option. The key can also be brought with you into the cell to avoid accidents.

Top plug: Used for installation of frame tube, cable duct and more.

Frame tube: The width is adjusted on installation.

Upper fastener: Simple fasteners that can be affixed on three sides of the post.

Lower fastener: The lower fastener keeps the mesh panel in the right position.

0-180° fitting: Fitting with up to 180° angle.

Hinge: A mesh panel fastener can easily be replaced with a hinge even after installation.





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