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To ensure our products provide maximum benefit at your workplace, we will be happy to pay you a visit for a free consultation. This will allow joint discussions so we can come up with an excellent, customised solution.

Any discussion is naturally based on your needs and requirements. Below is an example of a common format.

Initial review

We like to begin our consultations in the meeting room over a cup of coffee.  We will explain our general thinking with regard to workplace screening and acoustical damping. We will ask questions about the safety regulations applicable to your workplace, e.g. what fire safety requirements are in place and if noise levels have been measured. We will also carefully go through the objectives to be achieved from the proposed measures.

At the workplace

The consultation will continue in the actual workspace. We will talk to the employees concerned about material flow, movement patterns, etc. It is important for us to pinpoint the employees’ own requirements, as the operators on site will be the ones subsequently using the screening. We will summarise and go over what we have ascertained, make notes and collect measurement information for the workplace.

Complete solution

Following our visit we will submit a quote for a complete solution including installation work. It usually only takes a few days between our visit and the prepared quote.