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The weather seals seal tightly around the entire vehicle, the sides and above and below. They are customised for the specific opening complete with dock shelter, electrical installation, control and integration of the signal system, installation and commissioning.

The rail seals are completely maintenance-free and all mechanics are concealed in the side seals. All functions can be integrated into the building’s signal system. All to ensure that the rail seal is not damaged and is used continuously to ensure optimum energy savings and work environment.

The rail seals are filled with warm indoor air for optimum insulation against cold. They are manufactured from hard-wearing PVC-coated polyester fabric that is flame-resistant (ISO 3795, burning rate <100 mm/minute).

Follow the links below to view films of our rail seals.
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  • The Boxholm model
  • The Boxholm model
  • The Boxholm model
  • The Boxholm model
  • The Tillberga model
  • The Tillberga model
  • Platform seals

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