Our curtains can be used in most workplaces to create a safe, pleasant and functional work environment. They provide effective protection against UV light, welding spatter, high temperatures, strong chemicals and liquids. They also protect against snow and cold. Björndraperiet can be suspended from tracks, swing arms, cable or tubing. Select the correct curtain material based on what you want to screen off; see choice of materials below.

Welding curtains

Björndraperiet used as welding curtain eliminates 99.8 % of all harmful UV light that arises from arc welding. It is also flame-resistant.


  • Björndraperiet i blå tät PVC
  • Welding curtain together with acoustic-damping walls
  • Welding curtains mounted on machinery safety panels
  • Welding curtains on machinery safety panels
  • Red transparent welding curtains.
  • Welding curtains on machinery safety panels
  • Heavy-duty curtain to protect against cold weather

Technical information

Allowance for folds:
Increase measured width by 10%
Eyelet spacing: 200 – 250mm C/C
Weight: 0,5 – 1,8 kg/m²
Size: All curtains are custom-made to your specific requirements
Suspension: Curtains are suspended from P100 aluminium/steel tracks or cable.

P100 alu
track P100 steel track Cable, 6 mm



You can choose up to 3 different materials and colours for a single curtain. See Choice of materials for more information.


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Choice of materials

Protects against Properties Colours Material
General workplace screening
These materials can be used in any location
Numerous different colours
Colours and viewing field
are combined
Clear transp PVC 101110
gra_transp Grey transp PVC 101115
Yellow opaque PVC 101020
Red opaque PVC 101021
Green opaque PVC 101022
White opaque PVC 101023
Blue opaque PVC 101024
Grey opaque PVC 101025
Black opaque PVC 101026
Beige opaque PVC 101027
solid_darkgrey Dark grey opaque PVC 101028
Welding light
UV radiation
Translucent screening
Stops all UV radiation
Yellow transp PVC 101111
Red transp PVC 101112
Green transp PVC 101113
Blue transp PVC 101114
Radiant heat
High temperature
Hot sparks
Non-flammable Aluminium fibreglass curtain 105200
PU cloth 60 105000
Strong chemicals
High temperature
Adaptable cloth that will stand up to most things Silicone 105100
Teflon 105101
Intense cold
Wind and weather outdoors
Adaptable for cold weather PVC-PU cloth (-45 °C)  105400
Heavy-duty cloth (-30 °C)  101326
Simple protection and screening Simple screening at a low cost Green opaque tarpaulin 101601
Blue opaque tarpaulin 101602
Grey opaque tarpaulin 101603