Complete acoustic walls

These complete walls for acoustical damping are a wall system that is wholly customised to your requirements. They provide fixed and effective noise protection for the workplace. The acoustic-damping walls are suitable for all types of industry.

The surface of the walls is 1 mm aluminium-zinc coated sheet steel, perforated on one or both sides. The core material is acoustic-damping mineral wool, available in thicknesses of 50 mm and 80 mm. Windows, doors and gates are available as accessories.

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  • Complete acoustic walls with windows inserted
  • Acoustic walls for welding workspaces
  • Acoustic walls as room partitions
  • Acoustic walls with gates on wheels

Technical information

Weight: Module 50: Approx 21 kg/m²
Module 80: Approx 26 kg/m²
Module 80+: Approx 31 kg/m²
Size: Optional size to suit requirements
Sheet metal: 1 mm mm aluminium-zinc coated sheet steel, standard perforated design d = 3 mm
Assembly profiles: Module 50: 1 mm aluminium-zinc coated sheet steel
Module 80: 1 mm aluminium-zinc coated sheet steel
Module 80+: 3 mm aluminium-zinc coated sheet steel
Core material: Module 50: 50 mm rock wool
Module 80: 80 mm rock wool
Module 80+: 80 mm rock wool

Noise reduction

The reduction provided by our complete walls has been measured in a lab environment as per SS EN ISO 140/3. General sound damping from screening is 7-10 dB. The human ear perceives acoustical damping of around 8 dB as a halving of the noise level.




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