Acoustic enclosures

Some machines create so much noise that they are best completely isolated using noise protection systems. In such cases we construct an acoustic enclosure for the sound source. Each acoustic enclosure is adapted for the specific project to achieve maximum noise protection. They are constructed with supply and exhaust air systems, gates, doors and windows.

Acoustic enclosures as workshop offices

Maxibell acoustic enclosures are also ideal as workshop offices or break rooms. Such enclosures come complete with ventilation, electricity and lighting.

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  • Acoustic enclosure with wide door for flexible access with materials
  • Observation window

Technical information

Weight: Module 50: Approx 21 kg/m²
Module 80: Approx 26 kg/m²
Module 80+: Approx 31 kg/m²
Size: Optional size to suit requirements
Sheet metal: 1 mm aluminium-zinc coated sheet steel, standard perforated design d = 3 mm
Assembly profiles: Module 50: 1 mm aluminium-zinc coated sheet steel
Module 80: 1 mm aluminium-zinc coated sheet steel
Module 80+: 3 mm aluminium-zinc coated sheet steel
Core material: Module 50: 50 mm rock wool
Module 80: 80 mm rock wool
Module 80+: 80 mm rock wool


Noise reduction

General noise reduction from addition of an acoustic enclosure is approx. 25 dB. The human ear perceives acoustical damping of around 8 dB as a halving of the noise level.


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