This acoustic-damping wall system is suitable for all types of industrial, engineering and warehouse operations. Tools and other equipment can simply be hung directly on the walls to create a complete workspace. It is also possible to replace one wall with a movable screen on wheels.

Easy to assemble

Fittings and angle brackets with pre-fitted screws and nuts are attached in the T-groove of the wall sections’ aluminium profile, making assembly quick and easy. This also enables the wall system to be dismantled or altered as many times as you like.

The system is fully compatible with our P100 aluminium suspension system and our swing arms.

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Technical information

The system consists of standardized starter and extension sections. They have strong aluminum profiles and square perforated steel sheet and are specially designed to meet the high demands of the industry. The core material is 80 mm noise-absorbing mineral wool.

The sections are available in different widths and heights which are combined to create a screen that suits your needs. Angle sections are built with a starter section and included angle kit. The angle section does not have to be the same height as the other sections.

Support beam

The wall sections are equipped with a support beam (optional) to hang heavier aids, such as swing arms or smoke extractors.


These noise-reducing walls are prepared and adapted to a wide range of accessories. They are easy to hook into the square perforated steel plate or attach to the T-slot of the aluminum profile. The height and position of the accessories can be fully adjusted as needed.

Assembly instructions (Swedish)

Noise reduction

The noise reduction has been tested according to ISO 140/3.

The average reduction (Rm) is 30 dB in a lab environment (about 7 dB in a real environment). The human ear perceives a noise reduction of about 8 dB as a halving of the noise.